My CAD Work

This page shows some of my CAD work. I tried to select the CAD work that shows various projects that I have worked on and have not had a chance to post on here as well as those that might be on here already. It is separated by CAD programs, such as AutoCAD, Solidworks, etc. Also included are 3D PDF's that require at minimum Adobe Reader 8.0 to spatially manipulate/turn parts on and off, with Adobe Acrobat Pro you can take measurements on the parts in the PDF. You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.


This is the micromill cnc machine that I built in summer of 09. Click here to go to project


This is a claw that is designed to go into a Claw grabber game. It was ultimately built and used in the designated project. 3D PDF This is a robotic arm I designed for a potential class project, but ultimately the team decided to no use the design. 3D PDF

This was a potential idea for a mechanical design project. The design uses a 4-bar linkage mechanism to crush cans. 3D PDF This is a mechanically functioning name card that I was working on. 3D PDF This is the solid oak geared lifters that was designed for a class project. Click here to go to project 3D PDF

This is a manometer that was build for a fluid mechanics project. This tool was built to make it easier to change bits on the Dremel of my MicroCNC. This is a manual direct drive encoder for a Unipolar stepper motor that I designed using a shell of an old DC motor. Click here for the Animation

This is a Stirling engine that i designed with the possibility of building it in the near future.    

Mastercam X3
This is a picture that I drew based off of an animated picture online. It was drawn to engrave it on clear polycarbonate to give to my nephew Mark since he really likes dragons. This was one of my first test carving using my CNC mill machine. I did this drawing/engraving for my dad as well as to test out long complex cuts on my CNC. This is a centimeter scale I drew up for my manometer project; it wasn't necessary to use a CAM software since I did not need to generate G-code but I used it as a opportunity to expand my Mastercam knowledge.


This is a center bushing that I drew for a class assignment. It is dimensioned and sectioned for various views. This was an in-class exam that was assigned for Engineering drafting class. This is a hole punch body that I drew up that was fabricated in my engineering technology class. It was fabricated from raw aluminum stock.
 This is the first design of the oak lifter but it was redesigned to get a more accurate adjustment. This is a dooms day timer (counts to sun's death) that was designed and built by me and a fellow classmate for a display case. This is the layout and dimensions of a single circuit

This is a speaker box that I built in a special projects class. The objective was to make functioning speakers out of paper plates. This is an adjustable cooling nozzle for machining on a lathe. This is conceptual design of mine of a electric motor/wheel combination for a motorcycle.

This is a gear widget that was made in a manufacturing class. This was a final project for my AutoCAD class. I used an existing product and did a CAD representation. I had designed and built a pull out drawer for my mother so that she would not have to scoot her chair in to eat.

This is a trebuchet that was designed as a class project to launch projectiles. Materials were limited to PVC piping and a lead fishing weight. This is the first version of the design of the CNC that I had built as a class project, but upon construction the instability of PVC was apparent. This is the second design of the CNC with a wooden base. Click here to go to project

This is a set of headphones that I made based off of a cheap working paper plate speaker project. Click here to go to project This is my bottle rocket design that I did to help a fellow classmate with their project. This is a back end of a boat that I was helping to make an auto centering steering design for the rudder.