About me:  I am a Mechanical Engineering student with an emphasis on Mechatronics. I have a knack for designing and building various projects using both mechanical concepts as well as designing various electronic circuits. To me, automation is the most interesting concept of engineering, it so perfectly blends Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering, as well as several other disciplines so naturally. Due to the vast majority of disciplines and ideas out there, it is my goal to learn as much as I can about all of the various fields in Engineering and put it to use making life more interesting. My current software knowledge includes Autocad 2000+, Solidworks 2008+, Inventor 2008+, Mastercam X3, Mach 3, Matlab 7+, MultiSim and several others.


This is a page of all of the current and recent projects that I have or am currently working on, feel free to look around!! you can click on the pictures and they will link directly to the project which go into detail as well as sometimes have instructions and templates on building them on your own. If there is a particular project of mine that you are looking for try looking in "All Projects" or "CNC projects" if it is CNC based.

Project I am currently working on:


For my senior project at San Jose State University, i am leading a team of 14 that aims to build a self balancing motorcycle with a May deadline. This project aims to build a motorcycle unlike any other that has ever been seen, instead of traditional wheels it will use spheres for maneuvering and balancing at a standstill. More information about the project can be found on the project website at www.sphericaldrivesystem.com


I designed this robotic arm for a Mechatronics class and possibly use it in place of or in conjunction with the Stirling engine for the upcoming semester for Mechanical Engineering Design. The controls initially will be done with a 6 axis joystick but I hope to eventually incorporate it to function as a 5 axis CNC machine. The gripper is a example of a 4 bar linkage, the Solidworks '09 files of the gripper can be downloaded here.

Recent Projects: 

The CNC micro mill is ready to use. It came out to costing around $120 which includes the use of recycled parts. Plans and building process is included.

 Solid oak lifters drawn in Solidworks and fabricated with both manual and CNC techniques. A video of the animation is also included.  Balsa wood truss project with complete excel analysis, drawn and dimensioned in Autocad.



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