97-01 Honda CRV


Radio Removal

    Layout of radio to be removed  
  remove two Phillips screws and unclip dash
  location of clips on the dash
  remove 2 glove box supports from inside the glove box using a panel removing tool or fingers, and the glove box will sag down
  remove 2 Phillips screws from behind the glove box
  remove a clip from under the center pocket using panel removal tool and remove 1 from the other side as well. then unclip lower trim piece
  clip locations for the trim piece
  remove 2 exposed Phillips screws from under center pocket
  open center pocket and remove 6 exposed Phillips screws then unclip dash (containing; cup holder, center pocket, cigarette lighter)
  locations of clips behind dash piece
    remove 1 8mm/Phillips screw from side of dash and 1 on the other side as well  
  use a panel removal tool to gently pry off the entire dash piece and assist in pushing it by hand from the rear of the radio

Warning: The clips may be stiff so do no put too much pressure in one stop otherwise the marks may be permanent, instead go around the dash evenly to loosen up everything.

locations of the clips on the dash piece